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All the projects on this website are the result of collaboration and teamwork. Here is a gallery of pictures featuring some of the talented artists and craftsmen I've been lucky enough to work with over the years, several of whom have become part of a regular 'family' from project to project - and a handful of mentors from whom I have learnt so much. 'Thank You' to you all.

Richard Williams and Neil Boyle, with some of the artwork they co-animated for 'The Animator's Survival Kit - Animated'

Director and compositor Kirk Hendry

Animation legend Roy Naisbitt, working on some of his background layouts for 'The Last Belle'

Animator Aude Carpentier

Animation Director / Animator Peter Dodd

Assistant Animator Justine Waldie

Director Sylvain Chomet with Neil Boyle, during the making of The Simpsons 'Couch Gag'.

Animator Mark Naisbitt and Producer Rebecca Neville

Music Composer Stuart Hancock

Assistant Animator Angeline de Silva

Assistant Animator JayWren

Assistant Animator Gerry Gallego

Simpsons creator Matt Groening and Neil Boyle

Animation Directors: Oscar Grillo, Geoff Dunbar, (guest Mark Moore), Nick Park, Peter Lord, Richard Williams, and Neil Boyle

Editor Rod Howick and Assistant Animator Bella Bremner

Neil Boyle and Assistant Animator Tanya Fenton

Tracer/Painter Samantha Spacey

Rostrum Cameraman John Leatherbarrow and Neil Boyle

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