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Kensuke's Kingdom (2023)


Directors: Neil Boyle, Kirk Hendry

Producers: Sarah Radclyffe, Camilla Deakin, Barnaby Spurrier, Stephan Roelants

Screenwriter: Frank Cottrell-Boyce

From the novel by: Michael Morpurgo

Tom and Jerry (2021)

Director: Tim Story

Producer: Chris DeFaria

Animation Supervisor: Michael Eames

Drawover Consultant: Neil Boyle

Love Death + Robots (2019)


Episode: 'Zima Blue'

Executive Producer: David Fincher

Director: Robert Valley

2D Animator: Neil Boyle

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald (2018)


Director: David Yates

2D Animation: Neil Boyle, Aude Carpentier

2D Animation Producers: Matt Saxton, Cara Speller 

Sherlock Gnomes (2018)


Director: John Stevenson

Producers: Carolyn Soper, Steve Hamilton Shaw,            David Furnish

Design/Animation (Mind Palace Sequences): Neil Boyle

Animator (Mind Palace Sequences): Aude Carpentier

The Simpsons - Couch Gag


Director: Sylvain Chomet

Animation Director: Neil Boyle

Animator: Peter Dodd

Lighting Design/Lead Compositor: Kirk Hendry

Producer: Ru Warner

The Last Belle - short film


Director: Neil Boyle

Producer: Rebecca Neville

Animators: Neil Boyle, Mark Naisbitt

Special Layouts: Roy Naisbitt

Music: Stuart Hancock 

Gorillaz - music video


Director: Jamie Hewlett

Animation Directors: Robert Valley, Daryl Graham

Animators: Neil Boyle, Peter Dodd, Tim Sanpher, Conor Ryan, Tabitha O'Connell

Producer: Cara Speller

Made Up - short film


Director: Neil Boyle

Producer: Rebecca Neville

Starring: Aude Carpentier, Eva Kitty

Winterthur - commercial


Directors: Neil Boyle, Sylvain Chomet

Design & Animation: Neil Boyle, Dean Roberts, Darren Vandenburg

Additional Animation: Andy Powell, Tom Gravestock

Layouts: Brendan Houghton

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